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1MillionPapers.Com is owned by The Paper Store Enterprises Incorporated, located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, NJ 08060-- NOT some Post Office Box or untraceable world wide web address! Our company has been in business since 1994 and has built a solid reputation based on quality customer service not on fast, impersonal Internet sales. Call us at 1-800-90-WRITE or 609-518-7811 if you have any general questions about our service but do reserve the placement of orders for our fast, easy on-line order form as our telephone representatives are not permitted to accept requests for papers...

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All of our papers were created by experienced researchers & writers who contract for The Paper Store Enterprises, Incorporated. Each writer has been in the business of helping students for at least a few years and has created hundreds, if not thousands of papers in their field. The reports that we list were first requested as original customized research, prepared by this very same team of researchers and are now made available for archiving on this website!  Because The Paper Store is one of the most popular services around, we're constantly adding hundreds of new papers to our database each week so there's always thousands of new topics from which to choose! Our company does not solicit nor do we accept papers from students or other companies -only from The Paper Store's own team of contracted professionals!!!

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